Cylinder Reboring in Sutton | How You Benefit from Our Precision Machining Services

SRS Engineering has a dedicated workshop in Sutton filled with up-to-date equipment and precision machines. As a specialist engine machine shop and re-conditioners, we use the latest technology to achieve the highest levels of precision and performance, giving you the best possible result. Our engineers know that precision machines are the best option for cylinder reboring, crankshaft grinding, cylinder head skimming and other engine services. With a commitment to customer care and satisfaction, we ensure you enjoy the benefits of precision machining, whether you require resurfacing work following cylinder head pressure testing, full engine reconditioning or other services.

Formed in 2014, SRS Engineering has built a strong reputation with private vehicle owners, trade clients and main dealers in Sutton and the surrounding areas. We are proud to be a trusted company known for high-quality services, expert knowledge and quick turnaround times. Our specialist machines play a key role in the quality and speed of our services, offering the following advantages over traditional methods:

Accuracy & Precision

One of the main benefits of modern machines is the high level of accuracy they provide. With engine machining, there is a tiny chance of error and we can achieve incredibly low tolerances. This is considerably important when working on engine components, whether carrying out cylinder reboring, head skimming, thread repairs or other engine reconditioning services in Sutton, because even a small fault in a critical part can result in major issues.

With our machines, we ensure components meet manufacturer recommendations and offer the best finish, from achieving perfectly flat surfaces with cylinder head skimming to making sure crankshaft grinding results in ideal oil clearance.

Furthermore, our accurate diagnostics services, such as cylinder head pressure testing, ensure we provide the most suitable and effective solutions the first time around.


No one wants to wait around and our specialist machines enable us to carry out work as quickly as possible without compromise on quality. Consequently, we offer customers in Sutton a fast turnaround on services to get your vehicle running smoothly and safely sooner rather than later, whether you require an individual service or complete engine reconditioning.

Furthermore, for maximum convenience and speed, you can book certain jobs as while-you-wait, meaning you don’t have to leave your vehicle and come back later.

Quality & Safety

At SRS Engineering, we provide the highest standards of safety, reliability and quality, and our precision machines help us achieve this. Our equipment minimises the risk of human error and ensures individual components perfectly meet specifications. This results in the best possible engine performance and longevity as well as maximising safety by reducing the chances of errors and malfunctions.

With specialist machines and methods, we ensure everything from cylinder head pressure testing to full reconditioning meets exceptional standards.

Range of Applications

As a specialist engine machine shop in Sutton, we use precision machines for a broad range of services, including:

For professional cylinder reboring, engine reconditioning and other services in Sutton and the surrounding areas, call SRS Engineering on 0208 642 5685.