Engine Reconditioning in Kingston | Why You Need Specialist Engineers

When it comes to engine problems, many vehicle owners in Kingston try to fix them themselves or end up taking their vehicle to an unreputable mechanic. In both these cases, you can end up with poor quality work or an unsafe engine and may waste a lot of money. On the other hand, you can bring your vehicle to SRS Engineering, a machine shop specialising in engine reconditioning. Our team delivers professional, safe results on everything from crankshaft grinding to cylinder head skimming. Not to mention we have all the latest machines to provide the highest level of accuracy when undertaking services such as cylinder reboring.

Find out why so many vehicle owners in Kingston, Sutton and the surrounding areas rely on us for cylinder head pressure testing and all other engine work.


Improper engine repairs or poor-quality workmanship pose a danger to yourself, your passengers and other road users. Consequently, you need to know that any engine reconditioning work meets the highest standards of safety.

With FER membership and City & Guilds qualifications, we deliver suitable solutions for every issue and ensure all individual engine components meet manufacturer recommendations and are fully operational.


Unlike many individuals and less experienced machine shops in the Kingston area, we have extensive knowledge of working on all engine types. In addition, we have a range of precision machines that allow us to quickly and accurately undertake services such as cylinder head skimming and cylinder reboring.

This means we offer fast turnaround times on your project and get your vehicle performing its best and back on the road as quickly as possible. We can even offer some services on a while-you-wait basis.


As a professional company that takes pride in our customer care, we ensure an exceptional level of quality across all services in Kingston. Whether undertaking cylinder head pressure testing, valve guide replacement, crankshaft grinding or full engine reconditioning, we only use the most suitable and high-quality methods, products and materials. For example, when carrying out cylinder reboring, we check measurements, use a precision machine for correct results and supply suitable oversized pistons for your engine.

This ensures the best possible engine performance and safety, giving our customers complete peace of mind in the reliability of their engines. Some brands we use include TRW, Goetze, VEGE, Champion and No Smoke Oil.


As specialist engineers, we save you money in various ways. Firstly, we provide effective solutions the first time around, meaning you are not wasting money on parts and services that do not fix the problem. You also don’t run the risk of causing further damage with incorrect DIY methods, which may require more expensive repairs.

In addition, with expert knowledge, our engineers in Kingston identify any issues early on, including faults which may not be visible to the naked eye. For example, cylinder head pressure testing can show internal cracks. This means we can fix problems before they become more serious and expensive.

Furthermore, our services, from crankshaft grinding to cylinder head skimming, ensure your engine performs as efficiently as possible with no leaks or unexplained loss of fluids.

Call us today on 0208 642 5685 for reliable engine reconditioning in Kingston and all the surrounding areas.