Cylinder Reboring in Croydon and Sutton | Precision Reboring for Seized, Worn or Damaged Cylinders

Engine cylinders are subject to wear and stress, and over time they become worn or damaged to the point where the piston rings will not be able to form a good seal. This results in higher oil consumption, lower efficiency and deteriorating performance. In addition, excessive wear poses the risk of various other issues, such as broken piston rings. Consequently, it is important to ensure cylinder bores stay within recommended diameters and in good condition. To achieve this, SRS Engineering carries out cylinder reboring for all engine types in Sutton, Croydon, Kingston and the surrounding areas.

When you visit our workshop, you enjoy a personalised service that includes thorough checks and assessments as well as expert advice. This ensures you receive the most suitable services that will resolve any issues you are having with your engine.

When is Cylinder Reboring Necessary?

Reboring is necessary when the cylinder wall is damaged, either due to wear and tear or excessive use. Some common signs that indicate you need a rebore include:

  • Damage to the wall is too severe for honing to resolve, such as deep scratches.
  • The cylinder is no longer round, which is often the result of overheating.
  • There are flat spots on the cylinder wall.
  • The diameter of the cylinder no longer falls within specifications.
  • You notice a reduction in engine performance and/or an increase in oil consumption.
  • You notice white smoke coming from the exhaust.

We always rebore to provide optimal piston clearance and often determine the final size of the bore by measuring the diameter of the new piston and adding the relevant clearance. Once rebored to size, we hone cylinder walls with an abrasive material to create a crosshatch pattern which provides oil retention for correct lubrication.

Precise Reboring

As a specialist engine machining and precision engineering company, SRS Engineering has all the latest equipment to carry out professional cylinder reboring, cylinder head skimming and other services to precise tolerances.

This ensures the highest level of engine performance for our customers in Sutton, Croydon, Kingston and the surrounding areas, as well as reliable operation.

To ensure the efficiency and performance of your engine, call SRS Engineering on 0208 642 5685 for cylinder reboring in Croydon, Sutton and Sussex.