Cylinder Head Pressure Testing in Croydon and Engine Reconditioning | A Personal Service

One of the benefits of choosing SRS Engineering for engine reconditioning and repairs in Croydon is the personal service we provide. With a commitment to customer care and satisfaction, we tailor services around your needs, ensuring you get only the most suitable and effective solutions. We cater to all vehicles and engines, whether you have a classic or modern vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine. From ensuring correct measurements when carrying out cylinder reboring and crankshaft grinding, to providing cylinder head pressure testing and cylinder head skimming following a blown gasket, we meet your exact needs.

With a dedicated machine shop in Sutton, we are a trusted choice with vehicle owners from all the surrounding areas, including Croydon and Sussex. The following are some key aspects of our personal services:

Consultation, Diagnostics & Advice

The first step to engine reconditioning or repairs is talking with you to find out what issues you’ve been having and anything you have noticed about your engine or its performance. We then advise on what the problem is likely to be and expertly diagnose the issue.

From here, we recommend suitable services which we tailor to each engine and specific issue. For example, if a head gasket has blown, we carry out cylinder head pressure testing to identify any cracks or leaks and undertake cylinder head skimming to ensure the head is perfectly flat. As another example, if you notice issues such as white smoke or increased oil consumption, we may recommend cylinder reboring.

Furthermore, if undertaking a full recondition service in Croydon, we take the engine apart and inspect all components before advising on necessary repairs or replacements.

Precision Machining

The parts of an engine need to fit together perfectly to provide optimal performance and safety. Consequently, different components have recommended measurements and tolerances which vary between engines and manufacturers.

Our engineers identify the correct measurements for each part before using specialist machinery to achieve these measurements, minimising the chance of error. From cylinder reboring to crankshaft grinding, we ensure highly accurate results for your engine in Croydon.

Optimal Performance

By personalising services to your engine and needs, we make sure your vehicle offers the best possible engine performance. From cylinder head pressure testing and repairing vintage components to undertaking full engine reconditioning, we provide all the services you need, no matter the type or condition of your engine.

With machinery that allows us to work with the utmost precision and accuracy, we achieve safe, reliable and efficient results whether undertaking cylinder head skimming, crankshaft grinding or other work in Croydon. This is especially beneficial when reconditioning older engines because we can restore them beyond their original condition to meet modern regulations.

Get in touch with SRS Engineering on 0208 642 5685 for cylinder head pressure testing, cylinder reboring and other personalised services in Croydon and the surrounding areas.