Crankshaft Grinding in Sutton, Croydon and the Surrounding Areas

The crankshaft is the biggest and heaviest part of the engine, and one of the most important components. Without an effective crankshaft, your vehicle will not run smoothly and may fail to start altogether. As such, it is vital to ensure crankshafts are in the best possible condition and properly maintained. The engineers at SRS Engineering carry out precise crankshaft grinding as part of engine rebuilds, or if your crankshaft has become damaged. Using the latest machinery and methods, we ensure all types of engines in Sutton, Croydon, Kingston and the surrounding areas run smoothly and reliably.

With SRS Engineering, you enjoy a personalised service, expert advice and a quick turnaround. Our team have City & Guilds qualifications as well as onsite training and many years of hands-on experience, allowing us to deliver high-quality results within a short timeframe.

Signs You Need Crankshaft Grinding

It is not hard to tell if you have a problem with your crankshaft because the signs of damage are very noticeable. These include:

  • Engine knocking as the result of excessive wear on the main journal and rod bearings.
  • Low oil pressure readings caused by incorrect tolerances.
  • Seizure of the engine meaning it will not start.

To keep your crankshaft in good condition, it is essential to carry out periodic oil changes to ensure proper lubrication. This prevents excessive wear and crankshaft failure.

If you are unsure whether you require crankshaft grinding, bring your vehicle to SRS Engineering in Sutton for an expert inspection and assessment, after which we will advise on requirements for your engine. We work with clients across Croydon, Kingston and Sussex and even offer a mobile service within 30 minutes of our garage.

In addition, if your crankshaft has oil gallery blanking plugs, we remove these to clean behind them, otherwise the dirt and debris that collects can damage your engine.

If following an inspection, we determine your crankshaft does not need grinding, we can polish the surface to remove minor imperfections and ensure a smooth finish. We always advise on the most suitable services for each customer in the Sutton, Croydon and Kingston areas, delivering reliable results on every job.

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